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Unprecedented changes: a new reality

In the past months our life has changed in unprecedented ways.

Most of us live in some kind of a lockdown. Those of us who don’t have to leave our house to perform critical jobs are working from home – full time. Children are out of school, gyms are closed, and social life has practically come to a standstill. Direct consequences of the social distancing, necessary to control the further spread of the virus.

In addition, we may be faced with uncertainties and anxieties about the real threat of the coronavirus: how will it develop, what other measures will be taken, will it put my family and friends in danger? Will normal life resume in a month time? And then there are the uncertainties about our jobs. How long can we cope?

How to perform in the storm

In March we have been thinking very carefully, together with our team of experts, about the best ways to deal with the situation that arose around COVID-19.

In our opinion there are four key strategies that can help us all, both at work and at home. Cultivating purpose, focus, connection, and resilience have proven to be highly effective at sustaining high performance and wellbeing in an environment that has many similarities to our current situation; life on a submarine.

In the following weeks, together with our team of experts and partners, we shared these strategies with you and offered practical solutions through this channel and our newsletter.

We kicked off with former submarine captain Berend van de Kraats. He shared his experiences on how to optimize collective potential by creating a supportive environment.

Sincerely yours,

Your captain,
Folef Bredt

P.S. For ideas, feedback and any questions that you might have, feel free to send me an e-mail.