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Before You Step on Board

Before you embark, beware of our “rules of engagement”. As we will be travelling together, is it good to know what game we will play! Please take a few moments to listen to Mikkel Hofstee, CEO & co-founder of Lifeguard, and then start your journey (see blue button down below).

CEO and co-founder Lifeguard Mikkel Hofstee on the rules of engagement

The rules of engagement

  • Rule 1 – Keep an open mind and take time to listen.
  • Rule 2 – Accept that there are no quick fixes, real lessons take time to sink in.
  • Rule 3 – Use the collective wisdom of the team – learn from and support each other.
  • Rule 4 – Remember that humor can be a lifesaving skill.

Your journey until now


Before You Step on Board

To guarantee a safe passage, beware of the safety rules and regulations on board

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