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Food Sense in Senseless Times

Many of us find healthy eating a challenge even in normal times. Now that the unprecedented Corona crisis is upon us, healthy eating efforts are under an even greater threat. Just when we need our daily fuel to keep us at our most energetic and resilient, we risk succumbing to emotional and excessive eating - bad news for our immune system!

Natural nutritionist Vardit Kohn helps us zoom in on the essentials: what are the most important things to focus on right now (and why); what can wait for later; and how to do it in practice. A down-to-earth, practical talk peppered with inspiration for taking really good care of yourself when self-care matters most.

Lifeguard’s nutrition expert Vardit Kohn on eating to be fit right now: the basics, the why, the how

Key insights

  • Focus on what’s truly important: This is not the time to worry about your carbohydrate-to-fat ratio or the nitty gritty of a vegan vs. a carnivore diet. Focus on a few basics: eating as many veggies as you can lay your hands on; keeping sugary drinks (inc alcohol) and foods to a minimum; and giving priority to fresh, real food over highly processed items. Even more important - be extra mindful about what you put into your mouth. Less is better!

  • Get the logic behind: Fresh, real, unprocessed food contains precisely those nutrients your body needs right now to function optimally. Vegetables are Kings, with more nutrients per gram than most other foods. Added sugar (in drinks or food) as well as alcohol undermine your immune system. Go for foods that will give you the best nutrient return for your money.

  • Mind your mindset: The human spirit can achieve anything it sets out to do: including eating (more or less) healthily when temptation is all around, and stronger than ever. The power is within you to eat whichever way you set your mind to; no one can do it for you. You do it with yourself, for yourself - and you don’t need to be perfect. Good enough is also good!

  • Enjoy the positive effects: There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a light, energized, healthy and active body that does what you want it to do. It’s like inhabiting a home you really love. Food goes a long way to get you there. You are, at all times, the captain of your body-ship ; make sure you navigate it on course - and enjoy the feeling.

Easy does it

To make healthy eating easier for you and your family, download our list of long shelf life, healthy food shopping; and loads of quick & easy meal ideas that kids would love, too.

Dive deeper

Can you do what Martin can?

To help you keep your energy levels high and stay positive throughout your day it is essential to take breaks regularly. To help you get more out of your downtime, Martin Pet, a seasoned sport and performance psychologist and physiologist, will challenge you to perform a wide range of exercises that will do just that.

Martin Pet gives you tips to perform the previous exercise perfectly, plus: a new challenge!
Find out how he does it and why
Trying to move your arms in this opposite directions needs your full attention and by doing so you’ll let go of the challenging work or personal troubles for a while. Remember, we can only do one thing consciously at the time. While you are figuring out how you can make this exercise work, other more frequently used parts of your brain enjoy some tremendously important recovery time. Step by step and with perseverance you will not only master this challenge, but you will also boost your brain in new and refreshing ways.

About the crew member

Vardit Kohn • Body, mind and soul nutrition expert
Vardit Kohn

Vardit is Lifeguard’s Nutrition expert, an inspirational public speaker, experienced trainer and coach and published author. Beside physical nutrition, Vardit focuses on cultivating tools for mental resilience, harnessing the power of the mind and helping you connect with what really matters. With her positive outlook and down-to-earth approach, Vardit will inspire you to turn the lemons of this storm into lemonade – and provide the recipe for it!

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