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Connection and Communication - with a Smile!

Former International and Olympic Gold medalist and veteran team coach Sandra le Poole shares her insights about connecting and communicating with others, and her insights are particularly relevant to the unprecedented times we live in. Sandra discusses where connection starts; the importance of communication and what could make our interaction more effective at a time when negative stress risks derailing it.

Former International and Olympic team coach Sandra le Poole on connection and communication – with a smile!

Key insights

  • Connection starts with oneself: We tend to think of ‘connection’ as reaching out to others, but real connection starts with checking first with yourself, daily, how you feel – physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • Communication is key: Effective communication tends to suffer when we feel stressed. Take extra care to offer support, be non-judgemental and show kindness.  
  • Effective communication starts with intense listening: In discussions with others we tend to rush into offering solutions, but an effective communicator listens mindfully first.

  • True connection happens organically and isn’t a “must do” item: Humour, spontaneity and openness are likely to make it more successful.

  • Staying relaxed is a mindset and it affects those around you positively: Find the tools to help ground yourself and de-stress; energy is contagious!

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About the crew member

Sandra Le Poole • Former hockey international and Olympic gold medalist
Sandra Le Poole

Sandra is a former hockey international and Olympic champion. She support individuals and teams on improving their vitality and mental power and she is an expert in the field of ‘supportive environment’. Sandra inspires teams to get a better grip on their energy and the social support they need to perform optimally in stressful situations.

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